How to dress up your closet in style

I’ve always been into dressing up my closet.

When I was a kid, I remember dressing up as a baby in a pink bathing suit.

But I started wearing a little more clothes as I got older.

My closet now consists of vintage dresses, vintage accessories, and some vintage pieces.

The dresses I love include: vintage dresses from my childhood that I still wear to this day.

Some vintage pieces that I think are very cute and unique.

My favorite piece in the closet is a vintage blouse I bought when I was younger and wore it to work.

I wear it to weddings, and it’s also a wedding gift.

The accessories that I love are vintage jewelry and old clothes.

I think my favorite piece is my wedding band.

It’s a vintage wedding band that was worn to a wedding when I got married and still has the original ring in the clasp.

I’m really into vintage pieces because they make me feel more at home in the world.

I also love old clothing.

I bought my first vintage shirt when I had my first child, and I love wearing vintage clothes.

They give me that sense of belonging.

And I love vintage shoes.

I got my first pair of vintage shoes when I became a father.

They’re so cool, and they feel so much more comfortable when you’re standing up in the morning.

The most important piece in my closet is my makeup.

I always go for makeup that’s made by me.

I love doing my own makeup because it gives me that special touch that I really appreciate.

I like to make sure that my makeup is really comfortable.

I have a few makeup brushes that I like and I use them all the time.

I don’t use any other brushes because I just love them.

I use a lot of blush and eye shadow and bronzer.

I try to find products that I know I’ll be using a lot in the future.

I just do my best to make my makeup look amazing.

If I’m wearing a red lipstick and I feel really sexy, I put on a red lip pencil.

That’s all I think about when I’m out.

And then I wear a red eye liner.

That makes me feel really confident.

You can see a lot more of my wardrobe at my Pinterest page.

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