‘Make America Great Again’ logo, which was used on clothing, is a trademark of Trump’s Organization

The White House is preparing to unveil a brand new logo for its presidential campaign, which the president says will reflect the new administration’s focus on jobs, growth and “America first.”

The Trump Organization, which owns the Donald J. Trump brand, has launched an online campaign for the campaign to get the new logo, with the goal of making it available to the public on Monday.

In a statement released Monday, the White House said that the new branding will “promote a new vision of America and will be a powerful, new tool for voters to see the president for what he is: a champion for working families.”

The new logo will be available to purchase for $100 online, with proceeds going to the White Houses American Jobs Fund, according to the campaign.

“This logo represents a new, progressive, bold and bolder vision for America that is focused on the success of American workers, the economy, and the future of the country,” the statement reads.

“The logo reflects the Trump Organization’s focus to make America great again and that is why we are launching the campaign for this new logo.”

The campaign for a new logo has already been underway since March, and it is expected to take up to eight months to complete, according a Trump Organization spokesperson.

Trump’s logo was first used in a campaign poster in December, but the Trump administration has since released an official version, which has been widely criticized by progressive groups.

The new logo was announced Monday.

The new campaign will target the same voters who turned out in droves in 2016, and will include the same themes, including building the middle class and strengthening the middle-class, the statement says.

The president’s campaign website does not include a new campaign logo, but a White House official confirmed that the campaign will include a logo for the president’s business holdings.

A spokesperson for the President did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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