A look at garment labels in the country

Here are some of the most interesting and interesting garment labels found on Google Maps.

The garment labels below are from the Google Maps app, but they are available on the web, and if you have a device that supports the Google Map API, you can view the labels on the Google maps app. 

The first category of garment labels is those that are labeled as “Gildan”, “Coca-Cola”, or “Unilever” (which is a brand name in Japan). 

These are labels that contain the name of a product that is in a certain category, such as cosmetics, footwear, or other personal care products. 

In addition to the brands mentioned, you will find other labels like “Posterior” and “Totoro”. 

The second category of garments is the “Gustin” and the “Ajinomoto” labels. 

These labels are used to identify clothing, footwear and accessories. 

You will also find “Tetsuya” and other labels, which are the names of brands. 

“Ajinomiya” means “Tenshinhan” or “Eternal” and is a name that has a lot of meaning in Japanese. 

For example, “Aki” means a “son” or a “daughter”. 

“Eden” means to “unite”, which means to unite as one. 

If you have ever seen the movie “The Matrix”, you know that the computer uses the Matrix computer to keep its citizens safe. 

So, if you see the tag “GUSTIN” on a shirt, it means that this shirt is in the “Eden”, the “Tatsuya” label. 

However, if this shirt has a tag “EEN”, you will be surprised to find that it is actually a “Tsukiya”. 

Another interesting category of clothing labels is the ones that are “Nippon”, “Sakayama”, or simply “Japan”. 

These tags can be used to show other countries in the world. 

Another label in this category is “Sake”. 

In Japanese, this means a cup of sake. 

It also means a bowl of sake and, more interestingly, the “Sasuke” tag is used to indicate that this cup of the sake is made by “Sakura” in Japan. 

When it comes to “sake”, there are many different kinds, and you can read more about them in the Japanese Wikipedia article. 

A final category of apparel labels is “Kosunaga” or simply KOSUNAGA (which translates to “Japanese Sausage”). 

It is the name for the Japanese “sausage” and, in this case, this label can be seen on the “KOSUNEGAWA” clothing label.

There are also other categories that can be found in Google Maps, such a “Kodokan” or, in a different language, “Kombu” (Japanese for “World”). 

In fact, you may have seen this label on a few clothing items you own, such clothing labels like the “Hajime” shirt and jeans. 

On the other hand, you might also have seen it on the Tetsuya shirts or the “Moto” shirt. 

And of course, there are the “Nomura” labels, such products that are found in the shoe industry. 

Some of the clothing labels that you may come across are also found on the websites of the major Japanese brands like Adidas, and Nike. 

There are hundreds of other clothing labels in Google maps, so if you happen to find a garment that is not in the above categories, please send us a link. 

 And if you do find something that is missing, please email us and we will add it to the map.

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