Australian shoppers buy more clothes than ever, but their wallets are still struggling

When Australians buy clothes online they’re more likely to be buying from the online retailer BBL than the official store, according to new research.

The research, by the consultancy company ArcView Group, found that shoppers were more likely than shoppers in stores to be shopping online for “bbl” garments, or clothing made from cotton, polyester and nylon, compared with the official label.BBL clothing is the equivalent of a pair of jeans or a T-shirt.

The research found that BBL was the top choice for Australians who bought clothes online last year, but that the bulk of the purchases were made from online retailers, like

A survey by ArcView found that the majority of Australians were shopping online to purchase a BBL garment.

The survey found that 71 per cent of respondents bought a BHLight T-Shirt, while 52 per cent bought a pair.

However, the survey also found that only 14 per cent said they bought clothes that were made in Australia.

The majority of respondents (71 per cent) said they purchased a Bbl garment online, but only 14.9 per cent were buying a BALight T Shirt online.

The findings show that the biggest barrier to buying BBL garments online is the cost, and not the quality, of the clothing.

The survey found only 15 per cent people had been able to purchase online a Bhlight T shirt or BBL Shirt, while 20 per cent had bought a T Shirt and a BBl.

The study also found a big disparity between online and offline buying.

For a $50 purchase, only 25 per cent respondents said they could afford to buy online, while 58 per cent could afford it offline.

“There’s a lot of misinformation around the BBL and online shopping, but I think we’ve all got to understand that BHLighting is a very competitive sector,” Mr Adams said.”BBL has been around for about a decade, so it’s been a huge success, and I think there’s a great market for people who are willing to invest in a garment that’s been made in a small area.”

In contrast, the study found that in the past 10 years, the amount of BBL clothing online had increased by over 80 per cent.

The report also found some consumers are reluctant to buy BBL online because of the price.

The price of online BBLs has increased by up to $60 over the past decade.

“If you’re looking to buy something online that is more expensive, and that might not be for you, it may be worth looking at BBL,” Mr Davis said.

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