‘Jesus’ garment steams away: ‘Jesus is wearing the garment’

A garment steamed away from a suitcase on the journey to the South American country of Brazil after the arrival of Jesus, but is now in storage at the University of Michigan.

The red garment, which has been dubbed the “Jesus of the Red Sea” after its name, was originally intended to be a Christmas present for his mother.

But when it arrived at the university, university spokeswoman Jennifer Brown told Al Jazeera the university was “not in a position to donate the garment to the family.”

Instead, the university is donating the garments to a nonprofit organisation which uses them to promote Christianity in the Middle East.

“We do think the garment steaming away is a great gift,” Brown told the Al Jazeera team.

“We think it’s the best gift we can give the family.”

The Jesus of the Sea” is an embroidered robe with a white shirt that reads “Jesus” on one side and “Christ” on the other.

It was originally designed by a university textile lab student and will be auctioned off next month for a whopping $20,000 (£12,500).

The garment steers a boat and travels through the ocean in the South Atlantic.

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