The Lad and his garment

A story about the life of a man who was a garment-maker, a man whose garments could fit in a man’s pocket, a garment that was meant to be used as a tool to cut, and a man whom his wife thought was an idiot.

In The Lad, a short tale set in the early 1700s in England, the storyteller recounts how he and his wife had come to live in a house that housed three men.

They had a little boy who they thought would make them money; when the boy grew up, he wanted to become a man.

He became a tailor and then a man, and in 1687, he and one of his sons were married to a man from the North of England, a farmer named William Henry Thomas.

The story is told in a series of short stories that Thomas wrote in the late 1700s.

The stories are a little more complex than the conventional tale, which is all about a man trying to save a family.

The most common structure in Thomas’s stories is that of a young boy with a sewing machine who becomes the owner of the business, but he is never actually a man until he makes a woman’s waistcoat for his wife, who thinks it is a great thing to have.

Thomas’s work, though, was not simply a tale of a good old boy trying to make money.

Thomas was actually the son of a poor farmer, and the story is full of other stories of poor families.

Thomas writes that he was born in 1715.

He says that his father was a farmer and his mother a nurse, and that the family lived in a barn in the village of Shrewsbury.

Thomas had no formal schooling, so he worked for his father until he was about five years old.

One day, Thomas’s father noticed that he had an unusually large pile of clothes in his pocket, and he asked Thomas to help him clean up it.

Thomas did what any boy would have done in such circumstances.

He got the clothes and put them into his father’s coat, which he thought was the best he could do.

When Thomas was nine years old, he was married and settled down in Shrew’sbury.

His father was an old-time millwright and he worked hard to get the mill to work, so that the townspeople could have some money to buy food and other things.

In his early teens, Thomas became interested in sewing and got into it with his mother.

He also began to take care of his father, and eventually they married.

When they were married, they had a boy.

The boy was called Thomas, and Thomas thought the name sounded cute.

But his mother noticed that the boy was very tall, so she called him Thomas.

So Thomas became Thomas, but not very well.

He was still quite young and he didn’t have the vocabulary.

Thomas eventually grew up to be a man with a wife and a family, but the stories of his childhood do not always follow that pattern.

There are some stories that show Thomas as a boy who is a man of great ambition, but they also show him as a man struggling to make ends meet and making mistakes along the way.

One of the most interesting stories in Thomas, however, is about a young woman who lived in his village.

Thomas saw that she was having trouble in her marriage and wanted to help her, so Thomas took her home to Shrew.

One night, Thomas took the young woman to a house, where Thomas found a sewing-machine and asked her to sew for him.

The sewing machine was small and was made for Thomas by his father.

Thomas took it home, and when he went out for a walk, he saw the young lady’s skirt.

He put his arm around her and asked what she thought of him.

She answered that she loved him.

Thomas then took her back to his house, which was a very poor house.

He asked the young man to take her back, and they both went back to their village and had a nice meal.

When he returned to his village, Thomas told his wife about his experience with the sewing machine, and she told him that she thought the young girl was very beautiful and that she would like to be his wife.

But she said that she could never be the wife of a tailor, so the young couple divorced.

Thomas married again, and then he took the woman back to her village.

He told her that he loved her, and now she and the young lad were getting married again.

They lived in an old barn, where the young boy had lived, and there was no water in the barn.

The old woman was afraid that the young son would steal her sewing machine.

Thomas told her about the sewing-and-moulding machine, which had a great deal of potential.

The young woman was determined to find out more about the machine, so in 1692, Thomas and the boy were taken to the North-West, where he had a sewing

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