The LRD Smiths jacket

Buyers beware: Australian clothing retailer LRD is warning customers about the high-priced garments on its shelves.

The Australian Retailers Association said the company’s jackets, from the late 1940s through to the 1970s, were sold as luxury items.

The association said it received complaints from customers who said they were sold clothing made by companies that were “incompetent, unscientific and unskilled”.

“This led to an extensive investigation, including a survey of the Australian industry and consumer groups, which found that some of these items were not made in Australia,” the association said.

“We were advised by the Australian Council of Fashion Industry that there were no standards for quality of materials in these jackets.”LRD’s jacket range includes the classic 1930s style and the 1940s style, and also features some new fabrics.

“There are a number of very high-end products available in the range, but the jackets are typically made in China,” the group said.

Alfred Smith, LRD’s director of business development, said there was no indication that LRD would be closing its Melbourne store, which was previously the flagship store for the brand.

“The store is being redeveloped and will open in the coming weeks,” Mr Smith said.LRD has had to close three other Melbourne stores in the past six months, following a backlash over the clothing range and the company also had to take legal action against a clothing brand for allegedly using the word “fraudulent”.

“The company has been advised that this is not the way to go about it, it is not acceptable and we will be taking further action if needed,” Mr Muth said.

Mr Smith said the association was still “fuming” over the issue and that LYD was trying to work with Australian consumers to resolve the situation.

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