Walmart is testing out postpartums compression garment

Walmart is in the midst of testing out a new compression garment called the Walmart Postpartum Dress, which is designed to compress garments and keep the wearer’s body weight down.

The garment was unveiled at the company’s retail conference last week.

The dress features a wide-body, high-tech garment that can be worn in two different ways, one of which is the traditional way, which requires a person to wear a compression garment.

The other option is to wear the garment as a compression vest, which allows a person’s body to expand during pregnancy.

Walmart’s founder and CEO, Michael Duke, has said the company is looking to use the garment to make the garment affordable for people with high body fat levels.

The garment is still being tested out, but it appears to be working pretty well in the lab.

“We’re going to continue to expand our testing, continue to get feedback from our customers, and really try to figure out how we can optimize this to make it more affordable for those people that are struggling to keep up,” said Matt Wylie, vice president of product development at Walmart.

Wylie says the garment could eventually become a popular accessory for women who want to reduce their body fat.

“It’s great to see that we are taking a look at ways to help people with weight-related health issues, but also people who are looking to help themselves to lose weight,” he said.

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