Why you need to double-up your closet with the new Knight’s Racks

The newest addition to the popular rack is the Knight’s new double-layer rack.

The rack is made from a lightweight, breathable fabric that’s a great fit for your legs, and has the capability of holding a total of 4 pairs of pants, or two pairs of jeans.

The fabric is made with the same fabric that you find on the Knight double-breasted suits, which is a good thing for those of us who are prone to a tight waist and thighs.

There’s also an adjustable waistband that lets you adjust the rack to fit a variety of body types.

The racks are available in two sizes, medium and large, which gives you plenty of options for fitting all your needs.

Knight has also added a wide array of stretch pants, and a variety that’s designed to fit your shape.

The new racks come in four colors: black, red, green, and orange.

These colors are available to purchase individually, or as part of a set.

For now, the racks are only available in men’s sizes.

The prices are also relatively affordable, with a pair of the large double-shirts at $150, while the women’s rack comes in at $180.

Knight is also introducing a limited edition collection of black leather boots, as well as a new collection of high-quality men’s and women’s leather pants, which you can purchase in two different styles.

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