India’s best garment steams are going to be launched in March, Barbour says

Barbour engineered and branded the new Tumi garment bags, which it will launch in March in India, targeting the segment of the market that has been traditionally dominated by imports.

The Tumi brand will offer a range of fabrics including cotton, linen, polyester, and wool, and it is expected to start shipping its bags in February, the company said in a statement.

The company has already launched a range, Tumi, which includes garments in cotton, polyethylene, rayon, and a range in denim, and the first-ever barber’s cut is in the pipeline, Barber said.

The new Tymas will be available at barber shops in India and will be distributed through Barbour’s global chain of retail outlets, which also includes the Barbour Outlet in Singapore, and Barbour Online stores in France and the UK.

The move is in line with Barbour Group’s plans to expand into more retail spaces in India.

The company recently opened its first retail outlet in Mumbai and plans to open a second store in the city soon.

The Indian market has historically been dominated by exports and Barbor has been pushing for more foreign direct investment to boost its presence in the country, and its foray into the fashion market is seen as a major step towards that goal.

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