Trump’s first foreign trip: How did the first trip to a foreign country affect the president’s foreign policy?

Trump’s inaugural address was filled with big promises about making America great again.

But it was also a time when Trump had little faith in America.

Now, a new book by a former White House aide shows that Trump’s new foreign policy was shaped by his trip to China, and that he’s likely to face criticism for not following through on those promises.

In the book, “America First,” former White National Security Advisor Sebastian Gorka writes that during his first trip abroad as president, Trump had a “fundamental disconnect” with the people he met in China, who had been “a bit less tolerant of Americans than some Americans would have liked.”

“In China, Trump met a whole lot of folks who weren’t as tolerant of American foreign policy as he had been,” Gorka wrote.

“They didn’t want America to be the global leader anymore.

They wanted to be America’s global partner, but they were afraid of America.

They didn’t believe in America’s power.

They were afraid they’d be replaced by somebody else.”

Trump was particularly frustrated by the “lack of trust” that the Chinese had in him, Gorka said.

“He was also frustrated by his own inexperience,” Gorki continued.

“A lot of people, particularly in the East Asian countries, saw him as a buffoon.”

After returning from China, Gorkamos book cites an April 10, 2020 meeting between Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping at Mar-a-Lago, where Trump told Xi he would be a great partner.

But Gorkamies book says that at the time, Trump was “furious about being seen as an inexperienced and weak leader,” according to The Washington Post.

Gorka says that Trump was so frustrated with China’s response that he said he would “bomb the hell” out of China, which “would have sent a very different signal to China and China’s leadership.”

The book also quotes Trump telling Xi, “I’d love to see you take over China.”

“I’ll never forget that,” Gorkamus book quotes Trump as saying.

“I’ve always wanted to see that happen.

And I thought maybe we could take it to the next level.”

Gorkamosi also said Trump told him, “We’re going to win this thing.

We’re going see the world.”

“Trump’s first trip overseas was also filled with promises about rebuilding America and restoring America,” the book said.

Trump went on to say that he would not be lecturing China, because “they’ll never be China,” the author wrote.

But the book also says Trump “finally realized that, with China, he was going to have to show his strength, and he needed to show that he was a leader in his own right.”

“He would not only show leadership by bringing America and China together again, but he would also have to demonstrate to them that he had a clear understanding of what it takes to win,” the Trump book says.

“His first visit abroad was an opportunity for him to demonstrate he was an actual leader who was not a joke.”

Trump’s foreign trip has been plagued by controversy.

A leaked memo from the Trump transition team says that then-national security adviser Michael Flynn “is not a credible source” of information on China.

Flynn was forced to resign after he lied about a phone call with the Russian ambassador.

And Trump himself has been accused of spreading false information during his trip.

Gorkamoss book said Trump’s speech in Shanghai was “a textbook example of a ‘dumb’ speech.”

The president was also criticized for failing to mention climate change in his speech, which Gorkamats book called a “bizarre choice.”

“When you talk about climate change, you need to talk about it in terms of your policies and not in terms in terms on how you would change the world,” Gorkan said, adding that Trump also did not mention China’s currency.

Gorkahos book also quoted Trump as warning China against interfering in the 2016 election.

“China’s actions against American democracy were unprecedented,” Gorkawas book said, according to the Washington Post, adding, “Trump would not have had a foreign policy to begin with.”

Gorka and other critics have pointed to the book as proof that Trump will face criticism if he follows through on his foreign policy promises.

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