How to dress for the holidays with fashion designer Kaitlyn Rose

Kaitlynn Rose, a designer of fashion and home decor, has released a book with advice on dressing for the holiday season.

In it, the Toronto-based designer offers her “Top Ten Holiday Dress Styles” and also offers a “40+ Holiday Shopping Tips”.

Rose said the book is “all about how to create the perfect dress for yourself and your loved ones”.

Rose said the books aim to help women, both young and old, to find the perfect look, which is “the perfect balance of flattering, stylish, and modern”.

“I wanted to create a book for people to start thinking about when they go shopping, and how to get a perfect fit for their bodies,” she said.

Rose’s book features more than 20 pieces, including a number of vintage pieces, which she said will help women “be more confident and be able to express themselves without feeling like a caricature of themselves”.

“I wanted the book to be something that was about the way women dressed, and not necessarily a book about women, but a book that was really inclusive of women,” she added.

In addition to the book, Rose also has a website, where she encourages people to share their “top 10 Christmas ideas”.

Rose says she doesn’t make money from her book, but does receive a portion of sales.

“I also receive some donations from friends and family, but most of it goes towards making the book,” she explained.

More to come.

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