‘Rising costs’ as Australia’s $7.5bn apparel business loses money

The rise in prices for some clothing has seen manufacturers in Australia’s apparel industry lose money, according to the Australian Manufacturing Workers Union.

“Rising manufacturing costs, which are rising faster than wages, mean we’re seeing lower margins, lower margins for the apparel sector,” said Mark Evans, a national president of the union.

“The cost of doing business in Australia has been increasing in real terms over the last decade.

The cost is now going to keep rising.””

Our message to all the industry is this is the cost of living that is driving them to the bottom of the barrel.”

“The cost is now going to keep rising.”

The union says this year’s price increases are the biggest in the industry’s history, and will see the industry lose $5.4 billion to $6.2 billion this financial year.

“That’s the worst year in terms of the cost to business in the apparel industry,” Mr Evans said.

The union is calling for an end to the cost-cutting measures and for the government to stop cutting back on spending on infrastructure projects and welfare payments.

“We need a commitment from the Government that there will be no further cost-cut measures and that we’re going to be investing in infrastructure,” he said.

“It’s just a shame that the Government has not acted sooner.”

The ABC has asked Mr Evans to comment on the union’s concerns.

Aaron’s Sons clothing bags are the best

Aaron Samson’s Sons is a clothing brand, and it is a huge company.

Aaron has been selling garments for more than 20 years, and the company has more than 200 stores across the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

The brands name has made headlines in recent years, but it is not surprising to learn that they are known for their bag design.

The company has also produced bags that are quite distinctive, and are the most sought after pieces of clothing in Israel.

Samsonite, a collection of fabrics, is an Israeli term for “made with sandstone.”

A bag with a signature design of a Samsonite stone is one of the best-known pieces of Samsonite, and is the most coveted in Israel and the United Kingdom.

The Samsonite bag has a pattern that resembles a large stone with a rounded, pointed shape.

It is made of a lightweight, stretchy fabric with a fabric backing.

The Samsonite bags have a wide range of sizes and can be worn over the shoulder or over pants.

The bag is available in different colors, as well as a number of different styles.

The Samsonite bags are a staple in Israeli shopping culture, and they are often used as a way to show off and make an impression.

The Samsonites designs have been used by celebrities like Tom Cruise, the Pope, and Michael Phelps, and even some politicians.

The company’s logo is based on the Biblical Hebrew letter ‘S’.

This is a reference to a place in the Bible where God placed the people of Israel.

The name ‘Aaron Samsons’ comes from the Hebrew word for sandstone.

The brand is named after Aaron, the father of Ayelet.

Samsons logo was inspired by the name of the biblical character in the book of Genesis.

Samsson is a Hebrew word meaning “to make with stone,” and the sandstone was used to make the sand in the building of the Ark.

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