Why India is making clothes like Bangladesh’s garment industry


— The United Nations is calling on India to change its clothing manufacturing practices and adopt the latest technology, but some garment makers in India say the country’s apparel manufacturing is not up to the job.

India’s apparel industry is growing rapidly and has become one of the fastest growing in the world, outpacing China, Brazil and the European Union.

The sector has been hit hard by the economic slowdown in China and has been blamed for a drop in sales.

India has said it has no plans to move toward more efficient production.

But while the sector has benefited from a new manufacturing technology called advanced garment design (AGD), it has not been able to create a sustainable factory in the same way that China has done.

Indian textile workers, who make up nearly 80% of the workforce, are among the most precarious workers in the country.

The government has said they are the lowest paid in the economy.

India, a nation of nearly 4 billion people, has one of India’s highest unemployment rates of 11.3%.

India’s textile sector has also been hit by a lack of workers who are skilled enough to make clothes for the global market.

The country produces about 10% of global garments, but only 8% of apparel made by India’s garment makers, according to the World Federation of the Manufacturers of Industrial Goods (WFAIM).

“It’s a big problem because the Indian garment industry is the second largest export market for the U.S. after the U,S.

clothing industry,” said Rajesh Mishra, head of the India office of the WFAIM.

“We are facing a lot of the problems that we have faced with the U-Turn.

We don’t have enough skilled workers and we are not working as hard as we need to.”

The United States is one of 10 global apparel exporters to India, according the WNAIM, which has said that the country is facing shortages of skilled workers.

India is also the third-largest apparel exporter to the U: it’s the second-largest after the United States.

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