Roman Catholic Church to host $1.5 million gift to garment industry

The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Toronto announced on Monday it will donate $1 million to garment-wearing charities.

The donation is part of the city’s “Make a Difference” campaign, which aims to boost the garment industry through programs like job training and social services.

“This is a great way to support the growing garment industry and support a local community,” said Sister Anne McCarron, executive director of the Sisters of the Immaculate Conception.

“We’re very excited to help the garment community and support the local community.”

The money will go to the Canadian Red Cross and the International Federation of the Red Cross.

It will also be used to buy more clothing, donate garments to charitable organizations, and support community events.

The archdiocese will also provide financial support for the International Centre for Missing and Exploited Children, which provides information and support for victims of human trafficking.

The money comes after the Archdiocesan Council of the Church of England gave $100,000 to a non-profit in the clothing industry.

The Catholic Church in Canada is a global leader in the fashion industry.

Its products include suits, shirts, shoes, scarves, and more.

It is one of the largest suppliers of clothing to retailers in North America.

In addition to the money, the archdioceses will be partnering with the International Brotherhood of Teamsters and International Brotherhood Of Electrical Workers to promote a partnership with the garment manufacturers.

The two groups will develop programs that promote a sense of respect and solidarity among workers, the Catholic Church said.

“The Canadian Red and Blue Cross, International Brotherhood and Teamsters will work with our partners to support our community to promote the work of the International Red Cross, the International Teamsters Federation and the Canadian Association of Home Builders, which work to support local businesses, especially in garment production,” the archbishop said in a news release.

A new website, “A New Look,” will launch this week, as well as a new online store for the garment sector.

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